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A-mate can supply and install all types of air conditioners, ranging from single systems air conditioning to ducted, multi-split, ceiling cassette or floor console systems, gas furnace hearing and under floor ventilation systems.

Regular HVAC preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. Air conditioning maintenance is also important. It can help to avoid a system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it most, and it can also keep your energy bill from getting out of control.

A-mate has the experience and range to design creative and attractive air conditioning solutions for your home or office. We guarantee that our air conditioner installs are very neat, tidy and professional. You will have peace of mind that your new air conditioning installation will last for many years.

Split Systems Air conditioning

A split air conditioner is an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home. Split air conditioner system is that you can opt for a multi-split system, where you can have more than one indoor unit connected to a single outdoor unit. This makes it easy to cool multiple rooms or maintain the temperature throughout a large room through the use of two indoor cooling units. To ensure you satisfy warranty conditions, manufacturers do advise that maintenance be carried out at least once a year. We provide a heating and cooling services to get you back up and running quickly.


Multi head split systems air-conditioning

Multi split systems are ideal to control each room individually, allowing you to set different temperatures to each room, helping save running cost by heating or cooling rooms as required, also ideal for buildings or houses with minimal roof space for ducted systems. Multi split systems are one of today’s most advanced forms of air conditioning and range with the ability to cool or heat 2-9 rooms with one outdoor unit. To ensure your air conditioner is running properly, and in many cases. To ensure you satisfy warranty conditions, manufacturers do advise that maintenance be carried out at least once a year.


Commercial air-conditioning

Commercial air conditioners are for every conceivable commercial use, from individual office spaces to multi-room properties to the most challenging hazardous environments. When your air conditioner breaks in your office building or retail location, we know that it can disrupt your business in a major way. We provide a heating and cooling services to get you back up and running quickly.


Under Floor Ventilation Service

Under floor ventilation systems are designed to create air flow under the sub floor of a building, this creates a natural drying effect. Ventilation systems are designed specifically for your property conditions, construction type & budget. Your free quote will be provided in writing upon completion of an obligation free on site assessment by professional insured installer. We keep in mind factors like Sydney damp weather conditions, location of your property and structural elements before we make any recommendations.


Gas furnace heating

A-mate offers a range of high Efficiency gas furnaces for the ultimate in energy efficient gas heating. Energy saving technology like variable speed motors also enhances comfort, creating the perfect balance of temperature and humidity in every room of your home.

A-mate add-on cooling complements your gas furnace to enhance the value of your home and provide year round climate control. A-mate add-on cooling can be installed with your gas ducted heater at the same time as your gas furnace installation or at a later stage depending on your comfort and budget requirements. One thermostat can control both heating and cooling to deliver cool refrigerated air through your existing heating vents.

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